Yangzhou wei jiang machinery co., LTD is located in the famous historical and cultural city of yangzhou city, jiangsu province——Jiangdu district Zhang Gang industrial park,Adjacent to the beijing-shanghai high-speed ningtong expressway and high-speed interchange,The golden waterway in the south,In the north the beijing-hangzhou grand canal,Located in the yangzhou, taizhou airport is more closer to the yangzhou wei jiang machinery co., LTD. And the owner of the distance across the country,Its geographical condition is superior,Multivariate convenient transportation。
  Our company specializing in the production of manufacturing for metallurgy、Electric power、Mine、Building materials、Coking and other large machinery and equipment and accessories,In order to adapt to different industries for crushing machinery requirements,Our company draw lessons from and absorbing domestic and foreign similar products of advanced technology,Together with the domestic well-known experts developed a patented productPFCKSeries.....
The phone:0514-86896066
The mailbox:yzvj@163.com
Address:Jiangsu yangzhou city jiangdu district Zhang Gang industrial park
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